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Through our content, our goal is to encourage more youth to make creations that solve real-world problems and create artistic expressions that reflect culture and identity.

A minecraft character sitting down while the camera looks down

Choosing A Minecraft Mod


This module is a guide for understanding and matching up mods in Minecraft. It teaches students how to make appropriate selections when choosing mods, and offers guidance for teachers wishing to create a learning environment ... You can use this module ...

Five children gathered around a computer, enjoying themselves.

Creating A Short Story Animation In Scratch

Game Design

Students will learn about myths, legends and folktales. Through the creation of a short folktale animation, students will improve their programming skills and knowledge of algorithms. They will use their language skills to have characters “... Students will learn about the ...

An image of a dog saying "I love cake!" in Scratch.

Creating An Animated Card In Scratch

Game Design

This module teaches some of the basics of animation and has students starting to explore the ‘Looks’ section on Scratch. Students will build on the basics of programming and animation by making and animating a ... Note: We want to thank ...

A creative app graphic from App Lab.

App Lab Personality Quiz

Computer Fundamentals

In this module students will create a personality quiz in App Lab. Students will be learning how to use an if else loop and make a variable. They will plan their quiz, reason through possible ... By the end of this ...

An image showing example coloured tiles.

Paper Pathfinder

Game Design

At the beginning of home personal computing, some of the earliest games were text-based. These text adventures allowed players to “walk-through” a game by reading what their environment looked like and what it contained, and ... In this example a player ...

An image of a student participating in a Code Club session.

Digital Citizenship

Computer Fundamentals

Being a digital citizen is more than just accessing and using the internet. Every time we post, share, like, research, stream a show, shop online, or play a connected game we are participating in the ... We want to thank Jaime ...

A preview image of a sine wave.

Signal Processing

Computer Fundamentals

In part one of this module, students will be introduced to the theoretical behaviours (of oscillation) needed to interpret patterns within the physical world as signals. At this level, the focus is on being able ... Signal processing forms the foundation ...

Students participating in a Code Club session.

Using Twine For A Novel Extension Activity

Digital Storytelling

For this module students will create an interactive story using a novel they have read. There are a few options for this extension activity including creating an alternative ending, telling the story from another character‘... We want to thank Jaime ...

An example of digital dot art, created by artist Elspeth McLean.

Creating Traditional Métis Dot Art

Art Design

Métis people are one of three recognized groups of Indigenous peoples within Canada. The Métis were famous for their elaborate floral beadwork used to adorn clothing and other materials for sale and trade. “... Finished images can look like ...

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A set of three cartoon jellyfish